Seats with extended backrest - non-suspended

Elegant design, width only 410 mm!

In our product range, we have got a solution even for those cases, where width is a limiting factor. Try the Seat with Extended Backrest there, where there is almost no space left – the seat is only 410 mm wide. This convenient and at the same time elegant solution will meet your requests and expectations and it will offer comfortable sitting in places where no other seats fit. The easy folding extended backrest fulfills the function of a headrest. The seat may be provided with longitudinal adjustment, armrests and an additional base.


Ambulances (place for patients or doctors), utility vehicles...

According to the wishes of customers, we can offer a variety of upholstery fabrics (color, pattern) and their combination (substance-plastic artificial leather-skin-plush). Examples of the many upholstery see below.

Image 1 Badin
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