Driver seats series 7 - pneumatical or mechanical suspended

This seat is a simple and favorably priced alternative, convenient for undemanding conditions.

The line 7 Suspended Driver Seats meet the basic requirements for comfortable sitting and they are a convenient alternative for undemanding users. The seats are provided without safety belts, with folding of the backrest, tilting of the seat, modification in height of the headrest and a base in two alternatives – pneumatically or mechanically suspended. In both cases it is possible to regulate the springing stiffness, in case of the pneumatic base one can have control over the air distribution into the air spring oneself and one can also regulate the damping rigidity. This seat may be provided with adjustable armrests, heating inserts in the seat cushion and backrest sections, an additional base, modification in height of the base and a rotary mechanism.


Trucks, buses, coaches, rail vehicles, building and agricultural machines…

According to the wishes of customers, we can offer a variety of upholstery fabrics (color, pattern) and their combination (substance-plastic artificial leather-skin-plush). Examples of the many upholstery see below.

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