Driver seats series 5 - pneumatical or mechanical suspended

This type of seat offers maximum comfort and all accessories needed for a comfortable ride. Designed for M3 / N3 category of cars.

The Series 5 Suspended Driver Seat successfully combines high quality and safety. The seat is homologated in compliance with the regulations ECE 14 and 17. In the basic equipment, there is an integrated 3 point safety belt, continuous folding of the backrest, tilting of the seat, longitudinal adjustment, adjustable headrest and a cased base in two alternatives – pneumatic suspension or mechanical suspension. In both cases, it is possible to regulate the springing stiffness; in case of the pneumatic base you can have control over the air distribution into the air spring yourself and you can also regulate the damping rigidity. By setting of the steel spring, the properties can be changed even with the mechanical base. This seat may be provided with adjustable armrests, heating inserts in the seat cushion and backrest sections, mechanical lumbar support and an additional base. In case of vehicles without own air distribution, we offer pneumatically suspended seats with a built-in electric compressor.


Trucks, buses, coaches, tramways, trolleybuses, rail vehicles, building and agricultural machines…

According to the wishes of customers, we can offer a variety of upholstery fabrics (color, pattern) and their combination (substance-plastic artificial leather-skin-plush). Examples of many upholstery see below.

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The springing of the seat is provided by an air spring (or steel spring in case of the mechanically suspended alternative), which is built in the base protected by a bellow cover made of resistant PVC. It is possible to choose the upholstery from our book of patterns. Optionally, the seat can be provided with armrests, which can be fixed in any position ranging from +45° / -15° from the horizontal position, mechanical lumbar support, heating and an additional base. Seats without a safety belt can be with a height adjustable additional base and/or with a rotary mechanism. The fastening measures of a seat without the additional base are – spacing for 4 mounting holes ø 9 mm on the rails of the longitudinal adjustment; it is recommended to fasten the seat to the floor of the vehicle with M8 strength bolts. The fastening of a seat with an additional base – see measures mentioned bellow J and K.

The height of the H point measured according to ECE 17 is for pneumatic seats 349 mm and for mechanical seats 415 mm.

technical informations

Detailed technical information

A – Recliner
B – Tilting of the seat
C – Longitudinal adjustment
D – Height modification
E – Air supply
F – Air release Valve
G – Regulation of the damping ridigity
H – Control of the Lumbar Support
I – Adjustable Headrest
J, K – Fastening points of the additional base

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