Not only frames for headrests, but also other parts for cars from steel pipes are made by our company – we know how to deal with the bending of pipes. We buy only high-quality and certified materials from prestigious European producers. We are looking forward to your enquiries!

In addition to the complete seats, we also supply separate steel skeletons of seats for passengers to the largest Czech manufacturer of buses, IVECO Czech Republic a.s., Vysoké Mýto.  Thanks to our long-term experience in the field of cutting, welding, stamping and powder coating of steel pipes, sheets, and profiles, we are able to successfully meet the demanding requirements of this big  customer.


Seats for drivers ans passangers ...

Steel Frames for Passenger Seats. We provide the largest Czech bus producer, IVECO Czech Republic a.s., Vysoké Mýto, with not only complete seats but also with particular steel frames for passenger seats. We are able to fulfill the demanding requirements of this client thanks to our long-term experiences in the field of cutting, welding, pressing and powder varnishing of steel pipes, metal plates, sections and their compositions.

Our company carried out a capital investment in the new machinery equipment – we bought new machines for bending and cutting steel pipes. Thanks to this investment, we were able to start the batch production of headrest frames for cars for brands such as OPEL, SAAB and many others. You can find our products in many countries around the world.

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